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Mr. Toad Prints, Photos, and Postcards


Mr. Toad emerges from the big screen in The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad to the cozy quarters of your home in a variety of prints and photos.

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Triumphant Mr. Toad

Triumphant Mr. Toad depicts that climactic moment when after all sorts of mayhem and misadventure with the weasels, Mr. Toad recovers the deed to Toad Hall. In this giclée print by Toby Bluth, Toad shows the deed to his friends Ratty, Moley, and McBadger.

Giclée is a fine art printing process. The original illustration is scanned, then artists perfect the colors on the scanned image. It's then printed onto paper with a printer that has been specially modified for fine-art reproduction. The size of the unframed Triumphant Mr. Toad is 11" x 14". It is a limited edition of 50 (some reports say 95).

Triumphant Mr Toad Disney fine art

You can buy the Triumphant Mr. Toad giclée print, framed, with certificate of authenticity, for $795 at the Disney Store. It's often for sale on eBay, unframed, for $595.

Triumphant Mr. Toad on eBay: here for $595 (seller has higher feedback score) and here for $595.


Toad Hall

Toad Hall is a giclée lithograph by John Hench, from an original illustration produced in 1949. This limited edition (250) lithograph was for sale at Disneyland's Enchanted Evening event on October 28, 1999. Here Toad is regaling his friends at Toad Hall with tales of his latest adventures.

Toad Hall lithograph

The Toad Hall lithograph (73/250) is for $400 or best offer (February 2015). It is signed by John Hench, contains a certificate of authenticity, and has never been removed from its plastic wrapping. This lithograph rarely appears on eBay.


Flying to Fantasyland

Mr. Toad appears between Peter Pan and Dopey in this print by Larry Nikolai called Flying to Fantasyland. It is approximately 14" x 18". Listed on eBay by 626.eddie (who sells lots of Haunted Mansion prints) in early May 2012, it did not sell at its listed price of $149. It was relisted at auction for a starting price of $124 or a Buy It Now price of $149.

Mr Toad in Flying to Fantasyland

Flying to Fantasyland


Black and White Studio Prints

Studio copy prints are often available on eBay, particularly from eBay seller movie-material-store. These 8" x 10" prints are about $15.

In this one, Cyril visits Toad in jail and shows him the outfit that will make his escape possible.

Cyril helps Mr Toad break out of jail


In this print, Mr. Toad swings from a chandelier in Toad Hall as he tries to recover the deed to Toad Hall he was tricked into giving to Winky.

Mr Toad swings from the chandelier



The celebrated Mr. Toad as Blue Boy has been memorialized in a postcard--a portable masterpiece.

Toad as Blue Boy postcard


A postcard-style pin (limited edition of 100) is sometimes available on eBay. The Disney Postcard pin collection was a Disney Auctions exclusive, released on January 26, 2004. Twenty-five pins were sold individually for $18, while the remaining 75 were sold in special sets. The pins are hard enamel and are oversized (as far as pins go): about 1-3/4" x 2-1/2".

Toad Hall postcard pin

Toad drives his motorcar recklessly through the corridors of Toad Hall, reminiscent of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride attraction at Disneyland. The postcard-esque greeting says, "I took a wrong turn at...Toad Hall."




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