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Mr. Toad Model Sheets


A model sheet in animation is a character study that helps the animators draw the character with consistency. The model sheet helps standardize the gestures and poses common to the character. Several model sheets--some dated from 1946--were produced for the Disney 1949 animated movie, The Adventures of Mr. Toad. Some were made following the movie production.


Mr. Toad

This model sheet titled "The Magnificent Mr. Toad" was made after the production of the movie. It is a photostat, which before the 1970s, was a common method for making reproductions of originals.

Mr Toad model sheet

This Mr. Toad model sheet is 11" x 14", with an image size of 9-3/4" x 12-1/2". It carries the initials "FT" for Frank Thomas, the supervising animator of Toad. It was sold by Howard Lowery Auctions in 2012 for $100. As of February 2015, one is for $149 or best offer.


Ratty, Moley, and McBadger

Ratty, Moley, and McBadger also appear in model sheets. Here Ratty is shown on a 14" x 11" photostat titled "Wind in the Willows."

Ratty model sheet

Moley and McBadger, of course, also have their own character studies in these model sheets.

Moley model sheet

McBadger model sheet


Cyril and Other Cast Members

Mr. Toad's trusty horse friend and accomplice in his great jail escape, Cyril, appears in thes model sheets.

Cyril model sheet

Mr Toad's motor car


This comparative size model shows Mr. Toad and his friends, as well as villans Mr. Winky and a weasel.

Mr Toad and cast


The Holy Grail of Mr. Toad Model Sheets

Of course, an incredible acquisition would be original model sheets, which are certainly rare if they still exist at all. Short of that, a set of photostat or photograph model sheets is alluring.

A set of 10 photograph model sheets (8" x 10"), sold by live auctioneers in 2011, included the comparative model, Toad, Ratty, Moley, McBadger, Cyril, the motor car and horse cart, the weasel models, Winky, and the District Attorney.

lawyer and Mr Toad

A set of 7 photographic model sheets were sold by Howard Lowery Auctions in 2013 after 17 bids drove the price to $274. The model sheets included the comparative size model, Toad, Ratty, McBadger, Cyril, the motor car and horse cart, and the weasel models. Noteably missing was Moley (and obviously others, but Moley pretty much goes with Ratty and McBadger).



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