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Disney's Grand Floridian is the flagship hotel of Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Deluxe accommodations include Victorian-style decor and spacious rooms done in a variety of themes.

Grand Floridian hotel

Grand Floridian room

The themes change every few years. In 2009, several liquidators had comforters from the Grand Floridian listed on eBay and elsewhere. These queen-size comforters (bedspreads) featured the fabulous Mr. Toad and his friends.

Mr Toad comforter

The comforters were yellow with a pattern of blue ribbons and pictorial images of swans. But look closely...

Mr Toad bedspread

Hidden Mickeys had nothing on these bedspreads. As you can see, hidden among the swans was Mr. Toad (in the water lilies), Angus MacBadger and Moley (each in the reeds in their own frames).

Disney Mr Toad comforter

Disney Wind in the Willows bedspread




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