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Toad on a T-Shirt


Mr. Toad t-shirts are hard to find. They are sometimes on eBay but getting your size will be the next challenge should you run across one. Other clothing, including leather jackets, are still harder to find.

Here is a Mr. Toad t-shirt from the Magic Kingdom 1971 Collection. It's on a thin white short-sleeved t-shirt with blue trim. These appear to run very small so perhaps it is junior sizes that they come in.

Mr Toad t-shirt

Magic Kingdom 1971 Collection


In 2009, Tim Morrow posted another t-shirt from the Magic Kingdom 1971 Collection--a new design that looks used (see @timorrowland for a bigger picture).

Mr Toad t-shirt


Laughing Place shows Toad merchandise from Disneyland's Enchanted Evening on October 28, 1999, including this Mr. Toad as Blue Boy t-shirt and a leather jacket showing the Toad coat of arms. Check out Laughing Place to see a close up of the Toad coat of arms and other merchandise.

Toad as Blue Boy t-shirt


Toad appears along with Ratty in a great mashup with Star Wars on a t-shirt commemorating the 9th Annual Star Wars Unofficial Fan Day at Disneyland, June 30, 2013. Toad plays the role of Han Solo and Ratty is Chewy. The shirt was listed on eBay for $17 a few days prior to the event by crazybirdman76.

Mr Toad Star Wars




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