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Vinylmation is the meeting of vinyl and animation. Disney Vinylmation figures are small collectibles first introduced by Disney in November 2008.

Disney released the 3" Vinylmation figure of Mr. Toad at the D Street store in Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. It was a limited edition created by artist Randy Noble. This first-ever annual-passholder-exclusive Vinylmation was released on August 29, 2010, for $16.94. The figure pays homage to the Mr. Toad's Wild Ride attraction that used to be at the Florida resort (replaced by the Winnie the Pooh ride).

Disney Vinylmation Mr. Toad
This image is from Disney: http://eventservices.disney.go.com/static/vinylmation/figures/ap1-1.jpg

Prior to this release, a collector's button of the Vinylmation Toad was handed out by Steven Miller to those annual passholders who attended a two-hour event at the D Street store. (The button is for sale by eBay seller starwarsweekends2011.)

Mr Toad Vinylmation button

The Walt Disney World Annual Passholder website said this of the 3" Mr. Toad figure:

This specially designed collectible brings to mind the classic Magic Kingdom Park attraction and appeals to the playful side of both adults and children. ... The new Passholder-exclusive 3" Mr. Toad Vinylmation figure is bold with a touch of frivolity...and brings back treasured memories of the historic Walt Disney World attraction. In a red suit jacket and bow tie and with ears perked up and mouth open, Mr. Toad is poised to catch any passing remarks (or flies). Proudly standing tall, he's the perfect size to perch on a desk--or lily pad.

The Mr. Toad figure is packaged in a clear plastic bag, and along with a collectible card, comes in a hinged-lid tin. The tin is modeled after the Magic Kingdom castle.

Mr. Toad Vinylmation in tin

Mr Toad front Mr Toad back


The bottom of Vinylmation figures is stamped with the artist name. Here is the bottom of Mr. Toad's foot (from the YouTube video at the bottom of this page):

Mr Toad Vinylmation

The bottom also identifies the Mr. Toad figure as part of Annual Passholder Series #1. It is also marked as a limited edition of 8000.

The artist card is slightly shorter than the Disney Toad figure, as you can see from this photo showing the figure immediatley behind the card.

Mr Toad Vinylmation

The card front identifies the artist as Dawn Ockstadt.

[Editor's note: I'm not certain why there is a discrepancy in the artists: the four views of the Mr. Toad Vinylmation figure provided by Disney (first image on this page) identifies the artist as Randy Noble, yet the artist identification on both the card and the bottom of the figure is for Dawn Ockstadt.]

Mr Toad Vinylmation card


This video also shows packaging and tells you a bit about this limited edition Disney figure:


Ratty is also available in Vinylmation. He's about 3" tall and is part of the Christmas Carol series.

Mr Toad Vinylmation Ratty
Mr Toad Vinylmation Ratty



Vinylmation is a trademark of Disney.


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