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The Song of Mr. Toad

Kenneth Grahame


An ode to Toad is tucked away in Favorite Poems Old and New. Though not a song like the famous Merrily Song, it is a work titled, "The Song of Mr. Toad," by Kenneth Grahame, author of Wind in the Willows.


The Song of Mr. Toad

The world has held great Heroes,
As history-books have showed;
But never a name to go down to fame
Compared with that of Toad!

The clever men at Oxford
Know all that there is to be knowed.
But they none of them knew one half as much
As intelligent Mr. Toad!

The animals sat in the Ark and cried,
Their tears in torrents flowed.
Who was it said, "There's land ahead"?
Encouraging Mr. Toad!

The Army all saluted
As they marched along the road.
Was it the King? Or Kitchener?
No. It was Mr. Toad!

The Queen and her Ladies-in-waiting
Sat at the window and sewed.
She cried, "Look! who's that handsome man?"
They answered, "Mr. Toad."


Favorite Poems Old and New, selected for boys and girls by Helen Ferris, Doubleday & Company, Garden City, NY, 1957, pp. 342-343.






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