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Disney Books: Mr. Toad

Not only is J. Thaddeus Toad a movie star--the story of his antics and adventures have also been captured in many books.


The Adventures of Mr. Toad

Walt Disney's The Adventures of Mr. Toad is a 44-page storybook published in 1981, by Random House. It features those fun Disney illustrations, but the words that make up the story have been simplified so children can read the book themselves. You can see this in the sample pages here:

Adventures of Mr Toad book 

Mr Toad children's book

Wind in the Willows adaptation

The illustrations do a good job of capturing the exuberance of Toad:

Mr Toad and Cyril Proudbottom

But for some reason, in this book, the judge looks like someone else...

Judge in Mr Toad


Toad Flies High

Toad Flies High is a Little Golden Book, 24 pages from Golden Press published in 1982.

Toad Flies High 


Disney's Story Land

Walt Disney's Story Land is a large book first published by Golden Press in 1962. It includes 55 stories adapted from Disney films in 318 pages, including the story of Mr. Toad.


Disney Story Land book 



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